Cancer arising from the penis ( male organ) is usually called squamous cell carcinoma. There are other rarer varieties of cancers as well. The risk factors for this cancer includes smoking, poor hygiene and certain sexually transmitted diseases.Presenting as a lump of a red area or a bleeding and nonhealing ulcer, these cancers could potentially be picked up early. However many men tend to ignore these symptoms and because of embarrassment tends to present at a late stage.

A simple biopsy proves the diagnosis and can be performed under local or general anaesthetic. If picked up early organ preserving surgery could be contemplated depending upon the extent and nature of the tumour. Such a surgery helps to preserve the length of penis as well helps in patients confidence.Presenting at an advance stage may require removal of part or total male organ and may need alternative way of arranging the urine flow. Your treating surgeon will discuss with you the details of such an operation.

In addition , penile cancer may spread to the regional lymphnodes in the groin . These needs to be tested with scans and biopsy and if needed operation will be required. Like any cancer, penile cancer patients needs long term follow up and the treating surgeon will guide you in this process.