Robotics has now become well established for urological surgery. Especially complex urological surgeries which used to be done by open or laparoscopic method is now performed by robotics. Actually in this method a urological surgeon performs the procedure using a robot as an interface between himself and the patient. In addition a patient side surgeon is also present throughout the procedure.

It is generally called Robot assisted Laparoscopic procedures. Like Laparoscopic procedures, small incisions are made and ports and instruments are inserted. However these instruments are connected to a robot which in turn is controlled by the operating surgeon.

The da Vinci surgical robot gives excellent magnification along with 3D vision. This allows the surgeon to remove what needs to be and preserve the vital structures. The robot’s unique EndoWrist instruments offer physicians the dexterity not available to them when using conventional laparoscopic instruments. By taking advantage of the da Vinci robot, surgeons are able to dissect and reconstruct the tissue of interest with relative ease.

At this moment, daVinci robotic system is the most commonly available surgical robot. The advantages of robotic surgery includes less blood loss, less pain for patients, quicker recovery from operation and return to normal activity, quicker functional recovery ( like incontinence , impotence) and slightly better cancer outcomes.